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Sku - 21927680
Sku - 21927680
  • LIGHTWEIGHT isolation gown designed for reliable, comfortable protection without restrictions on body movement while wearing. Can be used for basic care, standard isolation, or works great as a gown for visitors in a clinical setting.
  • HIGH-QUALITY 25 GSM spunbonded polypropylene construction for excellent protection against fluids, particulates, or other contaminants. Full coverage of shoulders, chest, legs, and arms. For added protection use with gloves, face shield, and face mask
  • DISPOSABLE gowns for single-use only. Always dispose of the gown promptly after use. This non-sterile gown should not be used for invasive procedures or surgery. Effectively protects clothing from becoming contaminated or stained
  • COMFORTABLE and easy to wear. Size Medium/Large (120-140cm) and Universal (130-150) have an open back with tie closures at the neck and waist. Elastic cuffs on the wrists stay in place so that your arms are properly protected. Gloves can be placed over the wrist cuffs for added protection
  • FLUID-RESISTANT coated material keeps fluid out and away from clothing, maintaining clean clothes that do not get contaminated. Ensures safety of the person wearing it against various fluids and solid materials.